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EA7 Emporio Armani

When two great brands like Giorgio Armani and Reebok team up to create sportswear, you can be sure that the result is going to be a winning combinationEA7 Emporio Armani is a sporting sub-label of the hugely successful Armani brand, and as such, exhibits all the style and elegance the world has come to expect from such a well-established and well-respected brand.

EA7 Emporio Armani


Though aiming to showcase the very best in Italian fashion and design, EA7 Emporio Armani has also been carefully crafted (under the watchful eye of Reebok) to ensure that it is as durable as any of the best sport-clothing around, meaning you can look great while still leading the active lifestyle you love.

The EA7 Emporio Armani range is so adaptable and durable, that the Italian Olympic and Paralympic teams wore the range at the London 2012 games. They may not have won on medals, but they certainly had flair.

Sporting something stylish

Not too much focus should be put onto the clothes’ durability and functionality either. As part of the Armani brand, and more specifically, as a subgroup of the exclusive Emporio Armani label, EA7 Emporio Armani boasts some of the most stylish and fashionable Italian design available.

Yes, wearing EA7 Emporio Armani is one of the best ways to look fantastic while playing sport, but it’s also great for just wearing every day. Armani is known worldwide for its quality and panache, and wearing EA7 Emporio Armani clothes and accessories is the mark of an impeccably fashionable person.

Available for you

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EA7 Emporio Armani

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